February 8, 2016


Start Active - Stay Active

Kids playing in the room

  Learning through play


Preschool activities


Healthy Start

What are Activ8rs sessions?
The benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle can not only lead to improved fitness and physical well-being, but these can also improve mental and social well being through participation in clubs, groups and social teams.Activ8rs sessions are the foundation for a continued and prolonged involvement in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

The introduction and development of physical activity and to a lesser extent sport specific activities in the Early years (0-5) will form the basis for a child's involvement in later life. All our sessions are designed to aid in the improvement of a child's locomotor skills, gross and fine motor skills, they will also improve social development and begin to introduce the basics of the FUNdamentals of movement which are developed in the next phase of a child's Physical Literacy development.

The sessions are designed to encourage movement and freedom of expression and also to encourage adult participation, to aid children's participation.If you would like more information on these sessions or would like to take part in one, please get in touch by using our contact form on the website front page or alternatively ringing Darren on 07950457452.re




Current Activ8rs sessions

Tuesdays - from 23rd August
(10-11am) St Clements Church, Edge Lane, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9JF

Wednesdays - from 26th October
(10-11am) St Francis Church Hall, Budworth Rd, Sale, Manchester, M33 2RP

(10-11am) St Clements Church Parish Hall, Manor Avenue, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9JZ

Saturdays - from  22th October
(10-11am) Withington Baths, 30 Burton Rd, Withington, Manchester, M20 3EB


Engaging with apparatus


Learning different movements


"I think I might try with two this time"


Is this how I do it?


Learning through play


Hula hoop fun


Free play